Donation campaign for children's aid project

Donation instead of gifts was the motto for the company anniversary celebration in November 2018.
After the big earthquake on January 12, 2010, the Masonic relief organization launched a reconstruction fundraiser, 
especially in the slums of Port-au-Prince. Here sits Dr. med. Höfler, a doctor from Cologne, for a street children project. 
Due to her social commitment she was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit in 2012.
So we are all the more pleased to announce to all generous donors that, with the help of an increase from the Masonic Relief Organization
an amount of € 10,000 could be transferred to Haiti, thus generously supporting the work of the Street Children's Project.
We would like to thank all participants!

Preview of Powtech 2019

More than 800 exhibitors from 32 countries expect about 16,000 visitors at the world trade fair for bulk solids technologies this year. POWTECH offers a world-wide unsurpassed variety of technologies and solutions around processes such as grinding, mixing, separating, filtering, agglomerating and accompanying processes. BFI sees great potential here, as the demand for steel and stainless steel construction in this segment is steadily increasing. So we can look forward to a great and diverse exhibition.
We look forward to your visit in hall 4, booth 4-208!


On the 17th of november 2018 it was party-time. A blazing 20-year celebration took place in the halls of BFI.

Approximately 300 invited guests and employees celebrated in a stylish, pre-christmas atmosphere with good food and party music by the band named "Blues Rausch". These were extra booked in Stralsund and had certainly found a lot of new fans here.
Framed by a number of fir trees and adorned with shimmering fairy lights, the atmosphere was conjured like a Christmas market.
Especially for the party a cafe bus was engaged in bright yellow, which was once an American school bus. In addition to delicious coffee specialties, he also prepared a very good mulled wine and was visually a highlight. Fittingly, there was next door in a hut waffles in a large selection, such as, for example, the champagne slices or the caramel cups, which were very popular and even "home-made from the region".
To complete the small "Christmas market" there were some other huts, with very tasty and freshly prepared food in an exclusive selection. Here, too, the emphasis was placed on extraordinary good and regional.
The cook Bernhard Janhsen from Hardehausen did a real good dinner. Everybody was delighted.

All in all, it was a fantastic party with the best of spirits that went into the wee hours of the morning. 

BBQ Pool Challenge BFI May 2018

Good mood beats high waves at BFI

The company BFI Stahlbausysteme has proudly accepted the nomination for the "BBQ Pool Challenge" of the company PRG Präzisions-Rührer GmbH from Warburg.

The weather and the temperatures were perfect to build a large pool with ladder, walkway, pedestal and a beer dispenser and barbecue.


Lots of the employees of BFI participated enthusiastically and enjoyed the afternoon in the best of moods.


Thanks to all employees and the management of BFI for the donation of 500,- € to the Diakonie in Warburg.

Here is the YOUTUBE video:


Nominations for the next BBQ Pool Challenge:

- Company Gockel, Warburg

- Company Ruland, Vlotho

- Company Spier, Nieheim

Anuga Food Tec 2018 - review

Another successful  fair for BFI in Cologne!

Not only the Messe Köln can look forward to increasing numbers. This year there were over 50,000 visitors! Also at BFI there is a significant increase in interest at this year's Food technology fair in Cologne.

Visitors from 152 countries were represented at the Anuga Food Tec, where BFI was able to inform and attract new customers with his offers as a steel and stainless steel manufacturer in the segment of the supply industry around food technology.

Thanks to an imposing 3:1 model, it was possible to show what kind of solutions can be offered and implemented among other things.

So BFI can look forward to another successful trade fair with good prospects for the future.

Anuga FoodTec 2018 - Preview

There are a thousand good reasons to visit BFI Stahlbausysteme at the Anuga FoodTec 2018.

At this fair, which takes place from 20.03 to 23.03.18 in Cologne, everything is about production, processing and packaging of food and beverages. Therefore BFI is the ideal provider of stages, platforms, stair towers and transitions for tank and plant constructions. We perfectly fit into the wide range of this global exhibition.

Come to BFI in Exhibition hall 10.2 , booth A067.
We are looking forward to your visit and will be happy to inform you.

Walter-Seulen-Foundation award for high graduations

"Award for outstanding achievements"


Over the last few years, BFI's apprentices have repeatedly passed the different educations, such as metal builders, engineers (technical drawings) and industrial clerks with top marks. The BFI Company can be proud of its highly trained apprentices once again. This year, two more ambitious young men (in the field of metal processing) ranked the leaderboard.


Drinktec 2017 - World's Leading Trade Fair for the Beverage and Liquid Food Industry

The Drinktec takes place in Munich since 1951 and is by far the most important trade fair in the beverage industry. The participant field includes manufacturers from all over the world, from small and medium-sized enterprises to globally operating companies as well as corresponding producers and service providers of all sizes for drinks and liquid food.

This year around 1600 exhibitors and about 70,000 visitors from over 183 countries are expected. The slogan "drinktec – Go with the flow" underscores its importance as an instigator for the industry and premiere platform for world novelties. The latest technologies of production, filling as well as packaging of all kinds of beverages, raw materials and logistical solutions are presented whilst the three days duration of the trade fair
The company BFI Stahlbausysteme GmbH & Co. KG will present its products and innovations for the first time this year to such an wide audience.

We look forward to meeting you in hall 3, booth 409 and are available for personal consultation



New jerseys for the JSG Borgentreich/Bühne by BFI steel company


The youth of the JSG (Jugend Spiel Gemeinschaft) is pleased with the two coaches Daniel Bartoldus and Fabian Richter to get a complete set of new jerseys.

The steel construction company of Warburg, “BFI”, donated a complete set of sports jerseys to support the team.
A strong team with 25 players from Dössel, Manrode, Großeneder, Rösebeck, Lütgeneder, Körbecke, Borgentreich and Bühne currently play in the second half of the Championship and will usher in these jerseys of course the winning streak.

BFI keeps the fingers crossed!

Looking back at the BrauBeviale 2016

The steel construction company BFI from Warburg again on the BrauBeviale in Nürnberg, 2016

The company BFI already feels at home on the BrauBeviale.
For the 3rd time now the company from Warburg participated at the trade fair in Nuremberg with great success .
Also this year the visitors and interested parties visited the stand. Mainly tank and equipment manufactors have been on the BFI stand, to inform themselves about the possibilities of expansion or new regarding belong to platforms, transitions, landings, etc..
A special attraction was the exhibit at the fair, a tower in a ratio of 1:3. This demonstrated the efficient space savings due to its structure in square, not round design.
Up to 28 metres high this tower can be built freestanding. This attracted many interested and there were also many rewarding conversations.

You may find all in all praise:  Once again a very successful fair with many interesting contacts, good conversations and new ideas.
See you in Nuremberg in 2018!

3-D-Water jet cutting

  • Water jet cutting is very accurate
  • allows fine contours, acurate angles and tight radii

Advantages of water jet cutting:

  • Efficient production technology especially in item production
  • Virtually no heat entry in the component through the cutting beam
  • No structural changes in the material, such as on hardening and micro cracks
  • High machining precision and surface quality at the cutting edge
  • VA: up to 200 mm
  • S235JR: up to 250 mm
  • almost all materials can be edited

Preview of the BrauBeviale 2016

This year the BrauBeviale takes place in Nuremberg, Germany from the 08th – 10th of November 2016.
The trade fair is one of the largest and most popular fairs in the brewing and beverage industry. New technologies for handling and processing, bottling, and logistics are presented in addition to the processing of raw materials.

Of course, the need to provide appropriate working platforms and maintenance platforms for easier and safe operability of machinery and equipment it makes sense for our company the “BFI steel building systems/Stahlbausysteme” from Warburg to put the focus on this fair.

With over 20 years of experience in this sector, lots of Know-How was collected, always evolving and always again and again the individually best solutions are developed.
We are represented in Hall 5, booth 150.

There you can inform yourself extensively. We are looking forward to your visit!


Meeting Mittelstand

The "Meeting Mittelstand", organized by the BVMW - Bundesverband medium-sized businesses, trade association of Germany e.V., took place at BFI Stahlbausysteme GmbH & Co. KG in Warburg on June 08 2016th.

Participants had appeared numerous and enjoyed an evening of conversation around the topic of financing under the motto:

"The financial dilemma, despite low interest rates - or: Bankers are different."

No entrepreneur really likes dealing with his bank, unless the credit line will be extended or it is an extraordinary financing.
How can collaboration work and which options have entrepreneurs?

Here some alternatives have been identified and discussed.
For example: How can "factoring" open up further opportunities or a new funding opportunity such as "crowd funding".

The evening was rounded up with a tour across the company by the CEO Axel Bürger. He presented the latest machines (a bender, a drilling/sawing and laser system), which enable a much faster acting.
The meeting ended with a delicious snack. Meanwhile questions were asked and answered, experiences exchanged and surely new interesting contacts were made.

New sheet metal bender

 BFI presents its new sheet metal bender


Edging up to 3000 mm, 150 t
Angle measurement function for accurate machining
Hub magnification up to 100 mm
6-axis CNC procedure on the tapered edge


International trade fair - BFI on the BrauBeviale 2015 in Nuremberg

● 3 intense days with over
● 37,000 visitors from
● 131 countries and almost
● 1,100 exhibitors on
● 45,000 m²

A strong performance for the steel construction company from Warburg.
Many interested visitors and customers made a visit at the booth of BFI. Our steel and stainless steel construction company fits perfectly with its range of platforms, landings and transitions in the diverse range of the beverage industry.

Each tank - and equipment manufacturers, operators of bottling plants, etc. is instructed on the constructions made of steel or stainless steel. So, there were many interesting and efficient discussions with visitors and customers from home and abroad at the booth 150 in Hall 5 at BFI.

For BFI Stahlbausysteme GmbH & Co. KG this fair has become an important part of the fortification and new acquisitions in the market of the beverage industry.   

Laser cutting

BFI Stahlbausysteme presents blanks of the new laser cutting machine.

VA: up to 15 mm
S235: up to 25 mm
Alu: up to 12 mm
Pipes up to 15-155 mm diameter in lengths trade
Pipes from 155-350 mm diameter and up to 2700 mm

BFI at Anuga FoodTec 2015

Over 45,000 visitors at the Anuga Food Tec 2015

The fair is the innovator and the supplier fair for the food and beverage industry, With more than 1,500 exhibitors on 121.000m². The Anuga Food Tec plays a central role in the processing and production of food and beverages and shows an enormous growth in exhibitors and visitors. The internationality and top quality of the visitors convinced the exhibitors. Also, the company "BFI Stahlbausysteme" is enthusiastic and draws a very positive balance. Steady growth in this vast sector shows the need for intelligent, practical solutions that contribute to the accessibility, sustainability and the use of new technologies, where the company BFI could classify themselves well.
All in all, there were four very worthwhile days, says a satisfied team of "BFI Stahlbausysteme ".

Impressions of BFI-Booth:

BFI scans in the future

Our latest investment is a digitized time-saving FARO high-end laser scanner. So we can capture millions of edge points from every structure, depending on each new situation, to check the fit of virtual structures and detect collisions.

The virtual fitting follows less effort, cost and material required by a faster set up for us and our customers.
Documentation of buildings and installations are also used for digital archiving, for example, may be relevant to safety inspections.

BFI builds with the new storage cellar for Augustiner Brau

Mega project in the heart of Munich.

At night when everyone is asleep ....
... Then the new tanks for the Augustiner brewery with two cranes are hoisted onto the site on Landsberger Strasse. The roads are blocked and in precision work the huge tanks are gently placed on the strained BFI tank tapes to store 4.3 million liters of beer.
For BFI is the manufacturing of the tank bands, stages and platforms, a daily routine job, but usually in another volume.
This requires a masterful team-work, from beginning to end to realize projects like this.


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